Portfolio Projects

Snake vs Mongoose (2017)

I was learning about Mongoose and I couldn't shake the idea of "Snake (the game) vs Mongoose (the software)" so I made this: A traditional "snake" game where you compete against the ghost data of another player from a previous session. The game logic is all Javascript, and the data is passed from the database using Mongoose, Express, and Handlebars. (Github)

BurnVR (2017)

This is a VR project I made in 3 days using Facebook's ReactVR framework. I wanted to experiment with a VR framework so I decided to make an app where you can explore a network of 360 panoramic videos. The footage was shot by me and a crew at Burning Man in 2016; we documented large-scale art installations just hours before they were burned down. (Github)

React Pokédex (2017)

I wanted to practice working with React so I made a simple Pokédex app using PokéAPI. You can sign into or create a Trainer profile (for now there is no authentication) and collect and battle Pokémon. It was really interesting to see how React's State and lifecycle functions interacted with promises. I also had a lot of fun re-creating the Pokemon battle mechanics in Javascript. (Github)

Autopilot AI (2016)

This was a prototype I made in Javascript to test out the core mechanics of a game I was designing for a mobile game company. The basic system was hacked together in a weekend, then I would spend a few hours a week updating the game mechanics after design meetings. This was my first attempt at using the canvas HTML element, which is used to draw the lasers and explosions. (Github)

My Resume

I graduated from SUNY with a Bachelor’s of Computer Science in 2012 while working full-time for a startup. Immediately after graduating I launched a game project on Kickstarter that went viral and raised over $300k in 30 days. I spent the next 2 years fulfilling my project and consulting on other crowdfunding campaigns. Then in 2015 I was hired by NetEase Games where I worked on Eternal Arena (MOBA) and Tome of the Sun (MMO) as a mobile game designer.

I was laid off from NetEase on January 2017 due to downsizing. In February I began a 3 month contract at Facebook as a lead search ranking analyst through a staffing agency called Pro Unlimited. My job was to write SQL queries that the product team used to measure the accuracy of the search feature. This past August I decided to enroll in General Assembly's 3 month long Web Development Immersive course. Now I'm looking for an entry-level development position where I can continue to grow as a programmer.

Professional Experience:

Lead Search Ranking Analyst
Facebook through Pro Unlimited, Menlo Park, CA
February 2017 - May 2017 (3 month contract) Mobile Game Designer
NetEase Games­, San Francisco, CA
May 2015 - January 2017 Crowdfund Marketing Consultant
Self-Employed, San Francisco, CA
Feb 2013 to April 2015 Community Manager
Turntable.fm, New York City, NY
February 2012 to February 2013

You can read my full employment history on LinkedIn.



Over 15 years of experience with Javascript. I've completed mid-sized projects in Java, C, PHP, SQL, Node, Express, Ruby, React, and half a dozen Javascript frameworks. I'm also proficient in Photoshop, Final Cut, Excel, AdWords, JIRA, Zendesk, Facebook Ads, Google Ads. My past experience in marketing and customer research has also translated well into UX and product design.

Contact Me

Email: BradOFarrell@gmail.com

Phone: 347 266 4972

Github: BradOFarrell